Holding her poop in


I’m in desperate need of help!! My daughter will be 3 next month and we started potty training in the middle of July, she surprised me in how quickly she caught on. Within 4 days she was wearing underwear and going pee in the potty on her own without even telling. Ever since we starting potty training she has only went poop in the toilet 1 time and its because I caught her mid poop and sat her on the toilet all awhile she was fighting me cus she didn’t want to. So it’s been over a month and my strong willed child holds in her poop because she doesn’t want to go on the toilet, literally she can go for like 1 week without going. And once that time arrives it’s so miserable because she’s squeezing her butt together so much and is so uncomfortable from holding it in she makes it way more harder on everyone in my house. I have a newborn so when I’m home alone and she’s needing to go it is super frustrating. I’m at a loss in what to do with this situation anymore, I sit her on the toilet when I notice she’s squeezing hard but she still won’t go. We even give her these laxative tablets to help but she so strong willed she rather suffer then just let it come out!!!