🌋Emotional eruption 🌋


Today I'm 6 weeks to the day since my miscarriage, having my first period since. I have been feeling so emotional, frustrated and feel like I'm going to blow a fuse.

When the miscarriage happened it was out of no where and my husband took it incredibly hard. So I have been internalizing everything I am feeling and being the rock for him. Any time it comes up he starts losing it again and feeling like I can't talk to him without putting him through everything all over again.

I am admittedly an introvert and have just a very few close friends. My best friend of 15 years hasn't reached out at all and the only other person I can talk to is pregnant, due 10 days after I was, and I cant imagine putting that on her right now. So I feel like my husband is the only person I can vent to and confide in.

I have been trying to focus on losing some extra weight and attempting to find a new hobby to keep my mind busy because I can't seem to sit still for more than 10 minutes.

We have an almost 1 year old so time alone or to ourselves is scarce to say the least, not that I am complaining because she is my pride and joy, but it just makes it difficult to self heal like I usually do.

I guess I am just venting because I'm not sure where total turn and I needed to get it off my chest. If you have any suggestions or advice please let me know.

Please ignore any grammatical errors or misspellings, I am just writing this quickly while I'm on break at work.

*Disclaimer* I have a history of severe anxiety and depression that I have always been able to handle on my own without medication or intervention. I have attempted counseling, multiple times, but it only made it worse.