FTM birth at 39+4


I was due August 22nd. On my 38+5 week check up I was 1cm dialated. The following day I lost part of my mucous plug and from that point had mild back ache and light cramping daily. That Sunday I woke up and lost more mucus plug with the tiniest bit of blood. I had cramps and backache that wouldn't go away. When That got worse Intense i assumed that was a contraction and timed them but it was pretty random. I decided to go to the hospital around 3pm. Thay checked and I was 1cm but mostly thinned out so they had me walk the halls and were going to recheck in about an hr and decide to keep me or not. I walked and did a few half ass squats, the contractions were stronger and. I laid down 1.5 hrs later to get rechecked and that's when I heard and felt a pop and realized my water broke. They rechecked me and I was 3cm. After my water broke the connections got alot worse and I had terrible tremors which are apparently normal, I opted for an epidural which I did not plan to get. I highly recommend it now. They also stated me on oxytocin. By 12am they checked and said I was ready to push soon. 1am I started pushing, but couldn't feel the contractions so thay had to help tell me when to push, babies head was right there but she wasn't coming out. I pushed for 2hrs which was so exhausting but finally at 3:04am baby was born 8lb 8.7oz & 20in. I had to get some stitches but felt none of that. Only felt a little discomfort when they massaged the belly to get the placenta out. Word of advice is keep visitors to a minimum for a while after because you will never get any rest if you don't!