A little solidarity here?... 💕


None of my friends are TTC. I’m the only one, and every time I try to vent to someone about it, they don’t get it 😩

I can test at the end of the week, and the waiting will be over (for the month) but in the meantime my boobs are killing me, I’ve been having mild cramping, I’m super moody, really tired, I feel like crying, and I’m breaking out like a monster.

I don’t need anyone to tell me “that could be a number of things” or “it might just be PMS” or “just wait till the missed period” or not to get my hopes up. I know all that.

If someone could just tell me it’s okay to be excited, it’s normal to think every slight change could point to pregnancy, and that I’m not alone that’d be great. 🙃