Am i being a bad mom

lisa • Mom of 1 girl👧, 3 boys👦🧒🧒 and one in heaven 👼 and now due march 2020 🤰with TWINS!!! #nosanityleft

Hi, im 13 weeks pregnant with twins and have a very clingy 2 yr old (also have 3 other kids) im trying to teach my 2yr old not to climb all over me anytime i sit down, it hurts plus dont want him jumping on my stomach further along i get. When i tell him no and set him down or gently push him down. I tell him i love you but no climbing on mommy and he screams and cries and looks at me like denying him love and it makes me feel bad but he has got to stop climbing on me... am i being a bad mom for telling him no. I know he dont understand the babies and my tummy so thats why im having a hard time with this .