IM NOT HAPPY. Infertility depression

Jade • 3years TTC BABY NUMBER 2 Secondary Infertility. Mom to a handsome little boy💙My greatest blessings would be completing my family🧬. Still have some hope left. 💪🏾

When you’ve cried all that you can cry. when you said all that you can say. when you have tried all that you can try. today marks four years of me dealing with secondary infertility. A faulty pregnancy test and of course Aunt Flo is showing signs she’s in her way. IM NOT HAPPY IN LIFE AND I HAVEN’T BEEN FOR A LONG TIME. Infertility leaves and emptiness and you did not even your husband or your family can understand. Laying at night crying into your pillow hoping that no one hears you. Praying that God hears you and will bless you with the baby to stop the suffering in the pain and the feeling of usefulness. I’m just not happy.