should i let her take my son?

so i broke up with my 4 month old’s father a few days ago. i haven’t been returning texts to him or his mother.

long story short he said i ruined his life and he never wanted a kid in the first place. he’s said stuff like this before and always came back sorry immediately afterwards. i’ve had it with the abuse so i ended it. he hardly ever helped out with our son anyways.

well his mother is very attached to my son. she usually sees him on sundays, the sunday before last was the first time i let her take him alone for a few hours to see her mother and family etc. i was very anxious being without him but all ended well.

now she’s texting me saying she wants to take him again tomorrow or thursday. i don’t feel comfortable or right about that at all, for all i know she won’t bring him back.

she hasn’t done anything wrong and maybe i’m being immature, childish, a bitch, whatever idc how they see it. all i know is i’ve been an absolute saint and angel to my baby’s father through all the cheating, lies, manipulation and abuse he put me through.

i was close with his mother and family as well. is it wrong of me to just continue to ignore them all? should i let her take him so it doesn’t become a bigger problem? what would you do?