When sex becomes a chore...

Kayy 💗

My significant other has a super high sex drive and I literally just can’t. I have no desire to have sex, make out, anything anymore :/ I go through so many excuses just trying to get out of it. I recently just stating admitting that I’m not in the mood/ have no drive and he starts to think it’s because of him. He gets super insecure, assumes he’s not pleasing me, etc. I’m not sure why I have such a shitty sex drive but I still love him. It’s putting a huge toll on our relationship & making me feel obligated to just have sex to get it over with. Anybody in the same boat or have helpful advice?? Thanks!

Also I’m on larin 1/20. Been on it for 2 years so not sure how I am off of it. I’m assuming it may contribute to the problem though