period 12 days late — neg. tests


i need some words of advice or understanding because i’m going c r a z y !! my period is 12 days late. this NEVER happens to me. my last period began July 20th. i’ve taken maybe 6 at home tests every other day or so. all negative. went to the doctors last Friday 8/23. negative test. my doctor told me sending me out for a blood test would be pointless because urine tests are more accurate than blood tests (which i doubt but what do i know). i decided to make an appointment for this Friday 8/30 with an Ob/Gyn.

just some background on my sex life with my boyfriend that may be relevant... we had unprotected sex when i was ovulating and we’ve done this for the past year or so. never any luck with pregnancy so we were considering seeking <a href="">fertility treatment</a> until this happened.

i’ve been slightly nauseous, emotions on a HIGH, sore breast’s and no period!! but all negative tests! is it possible they’re all negative and i’m pregnant or maybe it’s just a “chemical pregnancy”?

i gotta stop googling and i need some experiences or advice or SOMETHING 😂