Biopsy during pregnancy ??

So, a few months ago I had a Pap smear done and it was showed a high grade of cancerous cells in my cervix. They did a biopsy and everything came back normal. The doctor was confused. She wanted to do leap procedure where they cut a chunk of my cervix off, just Incase there was something that they missed and Incase of cancer we could beat it before it spreads. I told her I do not want to do the leap procedure. She was upset with me and acted aggressively towards me from that point on. I just wanted to wait it out because anything could have made my Pap test abnormal. Since the biopsy was normal why rush things? I told her I could change my diet and see if that helps any (I pretty much eat healthy anyway). She insisted that I get the leap and wasn’t taking no for an answer. I felt pressured but I also felt ignored. I ignored her calls and my appt that she tried to schedule me. I thought and thought about the procedure and was even considering it myself. I prayed and asked God to intervene if this was the wrong decision to make. About 2 weeks later I found out that I was pregnant. This was so unexpected as my husband and I were not trying for a baby. The only thing I could think of was God intervening like I asked Him to, because my husband and I have been using the same birth control for 7 years. Anyway, today during my appt, the same doctor spoke with me and wanted to do a biopsy on me and I told her no, I don’t want any chances or bleeding or miscarriage and she said ok that she would use vinegar to indicate whether or not there are areas of concern on my cervix. She is also referring me to a high risk OBGYN because of my situation but she also said after I give birth she wants to do another biopsy at my 6 week post partumn checkup.

I don’t have the best health insurance, so the clinic I go to is the kind where they have rotating OBGYNs. It really sucks!!