Any thoughts ? :(

Kate • TTC 3rd year already! PCOS diagnosed.

I have PCOS and irregular menstrual cycle. But all the times I have sore boobs for about 2 weeks before my period.

Last month I had my first cycle of Femara + trigger + timed intercourse. My boobs started to hurt right after the ovulation, like 2 days after the trigger. Got a BFN.

Now I am doing the 2nd cycle, and 5 days ago I had a 23mm follicle on my right ovary and I had the Trigger shot that night, and then next 2 mornings I did

<a href="">IUI</a>

. But I don’t feel any changes in my boobs, no pain, nothing. This so weird. Also I was tracking with OpK strips and got Peak results every day for 5 days. Is it possible that I didn’t ovulate?