I think my mom should leave him.

My mom and my dad have been together for years, they’re high school sweet hearts and hearing their story is romantic and it seemed like my dad truly desired her.

But my dad cheated on my mom when I was younger and SHE STAYED WITH HIM. He’s even left her for another women before and she still took him back.

I LOVE my dad, I wish he’d spend more time with me, my brother and my mom, but I get that sometimes that not how the cookie crumbles.

Since I can remember my mom and dad have never been too romantic with each other, in fact when I was younger they constantly fought about everything and I didn’t think anything of it until I was in 6th grade and I went too a friends house.

Her mom was heavy set and she said “man I’m looking extra fat today” and he told her she was beautiful and he gave her so much love and I just thought they were newly weds or something I asked and THAT WAS HER BIRTH FATHER. THEY HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 15 YEARS WHEN THAT HAPPENED.

I was so shocked, I know not all relationships are like that but I keep seeing post on the trusty <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android">glow app</a> of couples and these women are so strong to leave a man after the first and only time they cheated even if it was a simple text.

My dads friend joked once about me having a sibling I don’t know about and I took it way too seriously but he ALWAYS has his friends over I never see my dad alone, he’s ALWAYS gone and when he’s here he’s with his friends.

Im starting to think he uses work as an excuse to cheat on my mom with, He works as a tow truck driver but do tow truck drivers work out of state? Maybe. But for days at a time? Shady if you ask me.

And my dad IS ALWAYS accusing my mom of cheating. I think he’s trying to cover his tracts.

My mom plays softball, she’s very talented and I can see her playing in her 50s to 60s it’s her type of therapy, she’s very passionate about the sport and had played every year since I remember and she lets my dad know when she leaves, where she’s going, and I have watched her get flirted with and she flat out denies all these nice looking dudes, it’s not common but it’s not like it’s never happened, did it happen that night? No. And he NEVER wants her to go to softball, he thinks she’s “cheating” and my mom is too wimpy to do such a thing (sorry mom) but last night when she got home from softball he called her a WHORE and that she’s “dirty”.

Like oh my god you didn’t just call my mom that for being gone when she told you she was going to be gone, what she was going to be doing. I think he is covering his tracts.



“Oh no I bet he was tired”

“I’m really fine”

“He don’t mean that I bet he was just saying that”

On top of that he keeps threatening to not pick up her mom. (My grandma who he promised to give a ride too out here because the state she lives in too dangerous)

I will be moving out next year and I actually fear for my mom, if he’s manipulating this bad in front of me what will he do when I’m gone?

Please help me! Is this normal? Should she leave him or am I over reacting?