Should I request an earlier ultrasound ?


Hi everyone , I’m about 6 weeks right now I just had a miscarriage a little over a month ago, my ob had my hcg levels checked a week or two ago and they’re tripling every 48 hrs so it looks good so far, but she’s making me wait til September 5th (I’ll be like 8 weeks )for an ultrasound. Shouldn’t I get one earlier because of my recent loss?? To me hormones don’t mean shit, with the first baby my hormones got up to 7,888 and I still lost it. I want to call and see if I can get one earlier but I feel like they won’t take me seriously... I’ve been having cramping and I’m so tired of everyone saying it’s normal I cramped every day with my first pregnancy then I lost my baby and I cramp every day with this one too. It’s like no one takes you serious until you’re bleeding ):