Starting IVF for the first time


After spending much time wondering why I couldn’t get pregnant, crying and crying each month that I didn’t end up pregnant; I decided to try a fertility clinic. The doctor reviewed my past medical history and decided

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was the way to go. She told me I had a damaged tube and

<a href="">IVF</a>

would be the best route since I’ve been TTC for years now. So on my birthday (8/23) I started my injections. I will admit I was scared shitless of the thought of injecting myself but I kept telling myself to look at the bigger picture. And today I’m a few shots in and feeling like a pro!!! My fingers are crossed and I’m sprinkling baby dust for myself 🤞🏾✨✨✨


On my first update at the doctors in the middle of my medication cycle I had 4 eggs at a 12 in size and 11 at an 11 in size. A few days later they all grew a bit more. The following week (The week of Labor Day) I had my egg retrieval. I will admit I was unsure what to expect but the office soothes my fears. After waking from the anesthesia I found out they extracted a total of 15 🥚!!! Let’s all jump for joy!!


The next day I received a call to inform me that 9 of these eggs were fully matured and 5 of them accepted my boyfriends sperm with the ICSI.

A five days later, 2 of my embryos made it to the blastocyst phase. And on the 6th day the remaining embryos made it to the blastocyst phase as well and are all frozen for now.