Masturbation HORROR

There’s a few things you need to know before I tell this story:

I discovered masturbating when I was LITTLE. I’m talking like 5 years old.

When I was 5 I obviously didn’t know what my clit was but I knew that guys had “pp’s.”

I once told my mom that I know girls have pp’s too they’re just smaller. I thought my clit was a dick basically.

And I used to call my vagina/ clit my “front bum”


One day, at 5 years old... I touched my clit and it tickled. It tickled SO MUCH that I laughed SO HARD just by touching it. I thought it was so cool because I couldn’t tickle myself anywhere else, but I could there. Lovely right? Well I thought it was so cool, that I told my mom about it. I told my mom (and I quote) “some times I tickle my front bum and it tickled” My mom told me I shouldn’t be doing that because “it’s bad to touch your bum”

Now I’m in highschool and I still wonder if my mom knows that I masturbate. I mean she probably does because I literally TOLD her