Working on me

Amber • ❤️spoiled trucker’s girl❤️

A while back I was in a very bad abusive relationship that ended me at the hospital with a black eye and broken ribs. Once I healed I went into a very depressed stage and suffered from bulimia because I thought I was not good enough for anybody anymore and got down to my lowest weight of 95 lbs

After a few months I had found someone who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with hw was sweet caring and took good care of me and I gained a lot of weight you know the “happy” pounds and put myself at the heaviest I’ve ever been until the day I found out he was that great I ended up being thrown across a garage and kicked out. Here’s just a side by side of 95lbs to my highest of around 160lbs

After going on a few dates here and there I finally found someone who was right for me and treats me better than I’ve ever been treated and someone I know is in love with me. And I’ve FINALLY started working on myself to where I’m happy with the way I look even though it’s taken a lot of time at the gym or finding time for the gym between school and work I’m proud to be where I am and once I finish school I plan to continue to work towards my goals but for right with as crazy as life is with medical problems and school i feel accomplished and I’m finally happy!