Boyfriend saying to ‘run pics by him’ before uploading? UPDATE

Not that I would ever upload a booty pic or something super revealing or anything. Just cute, confident picture. Nothing in a bikini either.

He asked my why I wanted to post body pics anyway? Why do I need to blast my confidence to the world? Why do I want random people liking my pics? Is he not enough?

I gave him an example, a picture of my married cousin who took a very cute pic with knee-high socks, combat boots, a large hoodie, and a dad hat. It wasn’t revealing, only showed thigh and he told I would need to “run the pic by him first.”

I respect his wishes, but I didn’t think he’d say that? He can like women’s pics of then half naked or full on naked. But I can’t be confident for once and upload a picture of me being confident?

Again, I would never post something revealing or sexual or half naked.

Now he’s being really confusing. 😖


Small update: my social media’s are private so idk why he’d flip out. The photo he sent me was of my self in the mirror with no pants on, strictly meant for him, I never uploaded it. And he said ‘but you wanna upload pics like this’. Not even in the slightest.

It all started with me sending him a funny video about the topic of men not liking their girls posting photos, but the men will go off and like random girls half naked/naked photos with no problem.

He asked why I even wanted to post body pics. I told him I would never post anything provocative and that it was just a question. He said “if you say so.” I told him it would just be pics of me feeling confident because I hardly ever post pictures and I want to post stuff.

He then asked the following questions “why do you need to blast it to the world tho?” “Why do you want random people you don’t know to like your pics?” “Am I not enough?”

And things escalated to those above screenshots. And then he said this:

This was about 5 or 6 days ago now. We haven’t talked about since.