Breastfeeding pain starting at 8 months??


My daughter (almost 8 months) has a lip tie and a high palette, so her latch has always been a struggle. We got into a good groove around 4 months when I figured out she prefered the football hold on my slacker side. All the while I really haven't had any latching pain, and have done all the tricks recommended by my pedi to get a deeper latch. She only nurses 6-8 mins each time total, doctor said it's fine since she's gaining weight.

This week my daughter suddenly started really pulling away from me while she nurses, stretching my skin and causing so much pain!! I keep trying to relatch her but she always fights me and pulls her head away while latched again using just her head and/or arms. My milk supply has gone down noticably, so I'm having to nurse her more often = more pain. The session only lasts 5 mins Max because she's so frustrated with me.

Any tips?? I'm wondering if she's compensating for my supply going down, but the bad latch started before I noticed my supply change. She's not teething yet (no teeth yet).

Pic because I love sharing pics of

my feisty girl 🥰