Question about health insurance and not being married?

Angels Mommy

So here’s a little inside: I just moved to Phoenix (from California) my babydaddy got a job here and we were struggling a lot in California. Anyways, his job offered him health insurance only to family members. So he was able to cover himself and my son but he was able to cover me because we are not married. So I’m currently trying to able for low income insurance but I’m doubting they will give it to me because of my

Babydaddys income. And I ask if we can buy the low income insurance and they said no. And here’s the thing, I’m taking birthcontrol and I’m running low so I need to see a obgyn soon. Idk if me and my so are ready for marriage yet we have some issues to work on and diffidently don’t want to marry someone for benefits. What are my choices what do I do? I don’t know anyone here and don’t know who to ask...,,