Very important Hashimoto's disease and pregnancy!!!

I'm seeing a doctor and have been for a year, my TSH was only hardly normal once, she was never worried. My T3 and T4 have always been normal so I thought if she wasn't worried then it's not a big deal. I'm on medication but again my TSH is high. I'm taking 75mg of Levo as of now but when I got pregnant I was on 50, my TSH was almost 7 the month after finding out I was pregnant (that's when she upped my dose) I'm getting it tested September 7th(13 weeks) but now I'm freaking out. I heard someone say in a group that a TSH over 2.5 is detrimental to baby, my doctor didn't seem worried so now I don't know what to thinkšŸ˜­ is my baby going to have development/IQ issues or die over this?! I'm freaking out.