Story time: I Almost Screwed Up! 🤦🏾‍♀️

Sunday night (08/25/19), my husband and I were in the hospital with our son who was born premature. Up to this point, we'd been staying in this tiny room in the hospital since he was in the NICU. Prior that day, we were moved into a room so he could sleep with us. So we moved into the new room and get situated with our baby. I come out the shower naked and my husband is already naked to go into the shower. My emotions were already high because of getting to sleep with our son, but looking at my hunny in his full glory did something ferocious to me. So I walked up and just planted a kiss on his lips. When I tell you it got real, y'all... he deepened the kiss. Hun Bun started caressing me, rubbing me on my butt and rubbing his dick on my clit girls. He pulled me to the bed and on top of him. I stopped him and said, "we can't do this. I'm still on pelvic rest... and I'm still discharging" He growled in my ear, "I want to penetrate you so bad." That alone make me super wet. All while our son is in the hospital crib at the foot of the bed. I did give him some head, but y'all girl went to sleep horny as hell. I got 4 weeks of no sex. Pray for me.