Am I wrong?

I met a guy. He asked me to lunch brought his friend and treated me horribly the whole time. (He was loud,mean to the waiter,constantly kept touching me even when I told him to stop,never listend to anything I said,horrible just talked to his friend) I only saw him twice the second time was for him to apologize. I took his apology but when he tried to make an advance I rejected him. I have never even touched the guy never hugged never even touched his hand. Me and his friend were talking about something during the first hangout and he asked for help with something.i gave him my number

. Later on the friend reached out and admitted he liked me. The other guy had openly talked about how he was with other girls right after I rejected him. His friend ask to hang out and we didnt do anything but watch a movie and have lunch. I had a bad feeling about him so I cut things off completely after seeing his Instagram which had alot of woman on it. Am I wrong for even talking to the friend? I'm sorry if this question is stupid . I feel stupid.