PP Depression


I’m a week postpartum and I can’t keep my eyes dry.

I’m sad and I don’t know why.

I LOVE my daughter and I LOVE my fiancé and I WANTED to be pregnant.

But now that she’s out, I’m just so overwhelmed and sad. We can’t do anything that we used to do. No more midnight walks, no more spontaneous trips to the movies or dinner.

My cats who were once all over me and cuddled me, can no longer. I look at them and cry I can’t help it. I can’t sleep I have bad dreams about my daughter. I’m just sad when I’m craving a night drive I cant go driving blasting music with my fiancé anymore.

Our whole lives changed, it’s really hard to adjust to.

Also I can’t even walk if I wanted cause my freaking vagina hurts!

We have people to baby sit but I don’t want anyone baby sitting my 1 week year old

I know we can do stuff when she gets older. It’s just hard right now to adjust. I’ve been stuck in a house a week not being able to do much. I just feel like I need to clear my head.

I have so much on my mind and it just sucks. I don’t regret my decision on my daughter. I love her, but I’m REALLY fighting postpartum hard.