for the long time TTC’er


I JUST WANAN SAY YOU GUYS ARE STRONG! I wanna give you all a big hug and just admire ya’ll...... this is my first month TTC it would be my 4 baby and 7th pregnancy. my first pregnancy was a unplanned surprise and all the other pregnancies me and my husband would be like eh let’s have a baby and within 1-2 cycles of just not preventing it was done :) well my last baby is the first time i breast feed for 1 full year and then i got my first PPP at the end of july so this month i got ovulation strips that i gave up on cause i never got lines maybe once or twice a faint line but other than that stark white ... and now i’m still a pacifier/ little milk for my baby so don’t know how much that’s affecting my fertility but if my period comes around a 28 day cycle then tomorrow should be the day if not then the 31st but so far negative test and i’m already like this watching and waiting on my body and trying to be aware of pregnancy is killing me and i’m barely one month in lol so congrats to you long term TTC’er I admire your patience and determination to your baby i wish nothing but pink lines and babies in your near future :) hugs and kisses to you all and a slap in the face for my impatient butt! i will just enjoy the 3 babies i was so fortunate to get quickly and enjoy my journey to my 4th and last baby and take each day to remember my blessings and be ok with how ever long it may take me this time :)