Am I childish?

You know how couples usually have likes and dislikes appearance wise some people can be accepting, neutral or all out judgmental. I never saw that as a control thing we just have preferences, it’s what turns us on about a potential partner and keeps it going. With that being said here we go....

My husband doesn’t like too many tattoos, outrageous hair colors and showing too much skin. I have two tattoos I want more but I do hold down a city job so I can’t go overboard, I like hair color just as long as it’s natural and I never even like to show my ankles. I’m a curvy woman and it doesn’t take much to get attention so I do everything I can to hide my lumps. I like facial hair... simple. I don’t have too many things I’m picky about appearance wise. I recently dyed the tips of my hair to strawberry blonde and I got a small tattoo on my shoulder about as long as my pinky finger. My husband bitched for days. I had been so plain for a year because we had twins but now they’re 17 months and off the boobs. I felt like I was free and I could finally do what I wanted which was dye my hair and get this little meaningful tattoo, the ankh. I couldn’t help but laugh at him as he was judging my small changes.

Last night he took a shower and he was in the bathroom forever. Our bathroom is in our bedroom so I was in the bed reading a new book. I heard his clippers but I thought he was just cleaning up his beard. Lort was I wrong 😧 he came out the bathroom like he stepped out of a time machine. He looked like a friggin teenager, beard and curls gone!!!! My jaw dropped and he thought I liked it but I shook my head and asked him why? He said it looks good and I said it looks like I robbed the cradle. Massive turn off but I didn’t dwell on it too much. This was a few days ago before this he told me he wanted to have sex soon but now I’m turned off. Holla at me when the beard is back but last night I was in the mood so I started pleasing him orally in the dark of course and everything was going well until he got up to turn the lights on, said he wanted to see me and I was like for what?! It never mattered before but he picks now typical. Let me tell ya the well went dry from rainforest to Sahara desert in 1 second but I hung in there I closed my eyes and pictured our wedding day. It was working until he requested I open my eyes and look into his again something that never mattered before. I did what he asked and it was going downhill from there. We was having dry sex at this point and it hurt. I kept reaching for lube and an orgasm was nowhere to found. I tried to suggest doggystyle you know positions where we don’t have to look at each other but no he wanted to be eye to eye. He came and that was it for me but he’s a team player likes to keep going till I get mine but I said that’s ohk I was worn out another unusual thing I could go for hours and I usually come before him. He knew I was lying and asked me why so I told him. He thought I was so childish saying it’s just a hair it’ll grow back. At this point I am agreeing with him but I can’t help it that he is unattractive to me. My body is not responding like it normally does. He draws the conclusion that I somehow want to dictate to how he grooms himself never said anything like that he’s my husband not my slave he has that freedom but he also must be aware that I have turnoffs, no facial hair is definitely #1. Now he’s being so childish and I’m unbothered he bitched for days about hair color that’s gone now and a tattoo he rarely sees but he walking around looking like jailbait and I’m childish 😂😂😂

It’s a silly thing to fight over honestly I’m laughing because it’s so silly but he is really upset. I feel like I inspired him to do something drastic, he expected me to blow up at him and all it did was turn me off. Not the reaction he was expecting at all it back fired and we had bad sex which is crazy because he had an orgasm, a good one too veins popping out his forehead and he let out a loud moan. What the problem is? 🤷🏽‍♀️😂