Grandmother figured out pregnancy??? HOW?!

Jennifer • 👶🏻 🎂 April 29, 2020 1 MC | 1 CP | 1 BFP!

Today, we’re planning to tell our grandmother the exciting news about the BPF!!!

We’ve decided to take her out to dinner this evening! Usually, she waits out in the garage for us to get there because it’s easier for her to keep her dog inside.

Since it’s 103 degrees in Austin, my husband wants to tell her before we go to dinner, and I made a dessert, we decided to tell her to not wait in the garage...because we have a dessert for her.

She calls Dad and says, “The grandkids are taking me to dinner. (That sounds nice.) Yeah, the brought me a dessert! Are they pregnant?? (I don’t know.) DO YOU ALREADY KNOW?!”

How did she get there?? How did she figure it out?!

The only things we did differently is my Husband invited her instead of me, and we happened to have dessert.

What in the WORLD?!

Is it like a tradition somewhere to make the announcement with sweets?!