Guys need to be entertained so they don’t cheat?

I’d like to get womens opinions on this. From both women with kids and women without.

(I don’t have any kids, not married and I’m super young so I don’t have many responsibilities outside of my corporate 9-5)

I always feel uncomfortable reading stuff about men complaining their wives are “no longer fun” when kids enter the picture. In these cases you find that the woman is doing 90% of the childcare AND domestic labor. Now while juggling that, how pray tell does one add the extra responsibility of being “fun” to entertain the man?

Do you agree that if the responsibilities were split evenly, you’d have more time to just breathe! And feel like your only identity isn’t “mother”. You’d have time to get your nails done, feel/look sexy, plan fun stuff for you and your guy etc because you’re not drowning in responsibility and baby poop seeing as the work is being shared.

I just find it extremely unfair that women are saddled with SO MUCH responsibility, some even while also working a full time job! And then you are encouraged to add entertaining the guy to this list so that he doesn’t “loose interest”. There are actually people who will blame you if the guy ends up cheating. It’s all just sounds too much! I really admire women who are able to handle all these things, you guys are superheroes! But I also don’t want all women to have to be superheroes and juggle an insane amount of responsibilities. It’s difficult and the wear and tear on your body/ mind starts to show. Studies even show that women who are partnered with kids have shorter lifespans than women who aren’t. Ive noticed a lot of young women are no longer interested in marriage and I think this plays a huge part.

What do you ladies think? I’d appreciate if you said whether or not you have kids in your comment (you obviously don’t have to if you don’t want to)

( I’ve observed a couple of women on this app fancy themselves as comment warriors. Always ready with the pitchforks to abuse others. If that’s you pls keep that negativity away from this post. I’m just trying to start a dialogue)