Mucus in baby’s diaper

Janyska • 💕Aria’s mama💕

My baby is EBF and i know that her poop is supposed to be yellow and seedy but it’s like a mixture of yellow and green and also has a lot of mucus in it. Also she has what looks like hives on her butt. I’ve been using diaper rash cream but it doesn’t seem to be getting better and it looks like it’s spreading. She also strains really hard when she poops and yesterday i noticed her butthole looked really red, almost like it was bleeding. Idk if she’s having a reaction to something I’m eating but i put breast milk on her butt a few minutes ago when i changed her so hopefully that will clear up the rash on her butt. Also she spits up a lot but seems to swallow it most of the time. But does this seem normal? Should i call her doctor for this?