Sick and tired of heavy cramping


I am getting so tired of these heavy cramps... I’m almost 7 weeks pregnant, and one of the first symptoms I had was mild period like cramping. All very bearable, until 10 days ago. They started to become a lot more painful. On my way home from the doctor, I got a first heavy cramp together with back pain. It lasted for 5 minutes, and faded away. I remember thinking ‘that can’t be good’, but did not get worried because I remembered uterine stretching could cause cramps.

Since that evening, the cramps were always worse. I don’t have them constantly, but man: they can be a real b*tch... Six days ago, I started having cramps during the night too. Almost always around the same hour. I wake up with a heavy cramp that lasts for max 10 minutes, and it takes some time before I fall asleep again. Two days ago, I got two cramps at night only one hour apart. Last night I had the longest and most painful cramp yet, and I started crying while on the toilet because I was exhausted and the pain was really heavy. I’m a zombie during the day since they started coming at night. I’m tired, but am not eager to go to bed because I know I will get painful cramps in the middle of the night.

My boyfriend was worried last week, so I gave my midwife a call. She told me there was nothing to worry about as long as I do not lose blood or if the pain isn’t constant. So yeah, I’m still not worried, but I’m getting really frustrated. A few hours ago I left work and drove to my boyfriends work place to pick him up. I got a heavy and long cramp (15 minutes) in the car while driving 120 km/h, and the pain almost made me nauseaus. Since I was driving on the highway, I could not stand up or lie down. It was hell. I cried when I arrived.

I read that gas and constipation can cause severe cramps too. I noticed I’m more bloated, and pooping doesn’t go as easy as before. Today it felt like a combination of uterine/bowel cramp. Sometimes I feel the urge to go the toilet during a cramp. I had a meeting with my jobcoach today, and during our talk I got a heavy cramp and had to run to the toilet ASAP.

Tell me ladies: anyone who had/has the same? Was it also bowel-related? How long did it last? I knew about mild menstruation like cramps, but was absolutely not prepared for this and never read about it too. Until I experienced ofcourse. I tried putting something warm against my belly yesterday, and I take a bath every day instead of showering. Do any of you have more tips to deal with the pain? I feel like a whining softie, but I’m really done with these cramp episodes. I’m constantly thinking ‘when will the next one hit?’ and find it more difficult to fully relax because I keep preparing myself for the next f*cker.

Sorry for my long rant. Felt great to share it, though. :)