Endometriosis without symptoms??

Chelsae • Mommy of an Angel 04.24.2018 👼🏼 Rainbow due 09 - 2020 🌈 Kidney disease fighter 💚

Hey y’all, I was wondering if it’s possible to have endometriosis without symptoms.

Back story: I’m 21 years old and have stage 3 kidney disease, but it’s controlled. I got my period at the age of 10, and on occasion I would get ovarian cyst but they always ruptured. I did have a transvaginal ultrasound last year which did not show PCOS. After TTC for 10 months I got pregnant but had a miscarriage early on last April. Since the miscarriage I have went through 3 OBGYN’s and have finally found someone I love. He said there’s a possibility I have endometriosis but I’ve never considered that because I feel like my periods are average. I don’t have a super heavy flow but I do experience bad cramping which got worse after my miscarriage. My miscarriage was almost 17 months ago, and there has been nothing to show why I haven’t gotten pregnant other than I haven’t ovulated every month. Before the miscarriage my period was always 28 days but since the miscarriage my cycle has changed and sometimes I miss my period all together and have to take progesterone to get it back. My doctor wanted me to wait 3 more cycles to see if I get pregnant, I go back to see him In October. I did ovulate this month so 🤞🏻🤞🏻 but I don’t see it likely to happen. I do also have low progesterone. If I haven’t conceived yet In October my obgyn wants to do exploratory surgery and and HSG while I’m under.

How did everyone get diagnosed with endometriosis? Does everyone else have minimal symptoms?