Should I hold on or let go?


Me and a co worker work on units next to each other. We started flirting until one day I added him on fb and he messaged me. We went on a date two days later and had sex. We kept talking but keep in mind he’s not much of a texter so I never truly know how he feels. We continued to go on dates and he always pays. We communicate really well in person whereas texting wise is barely existent.

Out of 4 dates, 3 of which we had sex. The one that didn’t was because both of us were in a rush to go else where after.

Last time we were together he said he missed me 3 times. Paid for a $200 dinner and we cuddled and watched movies. We are both guitar players so we always bound through music.

I asked him about what this was and he says we’re still seeing where things are, but I don’t really know if I’m just a fling or a potential girlfriend.

He hasn’t opened up much except on the first date.

He went on vacation and did not text or call. For 10 days. He only snapped me a few times but that was it.

He came back and texted a little bit but nothing too much.

I somehow got attached to this guy because I like him enough to be in a relationship but I’m not sure how he feels.

Im not texting or snapping first anymore, I’m tired. Idk what to do about this thing. Please send me your opinions.