34w induction date set


FTM kinda freaking out I have an induction date already. My original due date was October 10th but has been moved up to September 18th to induce. I have recently developed high blood pressure and am considered hypertensive. The baby is also growing a lot bigger than I expected, she is already 6 pounds. And as of my last visit (last Thursday) I’m already 1cm dilated. My whole body aches. I’m swollen head to toe, I’m experiencing painful to the touch pitting edema in my lower stomach, my feet are so swollen I have to wear my husband’s flip flops everywhere, I have lightening crotch, I can’t stand for more than 25 minutes without it being excruciating. Getting in and out of the car is awful...

I honestly don’t think I’ll make it to my induction date 😭 pregnancy has been a lot harder than I thought.