TERRIFIED OF STOPPING PROGESTERONE!! What week did you stop?????


After multiple miscarriages I’m on baby aspirin for the remainder of my

Pregnancy and Crinone which is a vaginal progesterone gel until week 13. Naturally, since this is the furthest I’ve ever gotten in pregnancy (10 weeks 3 days) and everything seems to be going well, I’m TERRIFIED of stopping.

My doc says to remain on the progesterone until week 13, I hear other doctors have told their patients to take until week 10. Some until week 14 and even 16. I’ve done so much research and find so many different answers to the same question:

WHEN DOES PLACENTA TAKE OVER PRODUCING ADEquate amount of progesterone to sustain pregnancy?

Another question I have is HOW DO WE KNOW FOR SURE it’s fully functional???

Did any of you have withdrawal bleeding after stopping progesterone cold turkey??