Please need advice


So last month me and husband been having lots of sex and it never hurted this month we been having sex everyday more then one time a day, i never had this problem before but when we have sex it hurts me bad that i tell him slow down but its still very uncomfortable and im always wet and that gets him more excited and so do i but it starts hurting when i move i move but lately i been kinda slow cause i feel him hitting something in my vagina and hurts, i asked him if he feels anything he said yea but he figured it was my bone i said no its not..rite now i just had sex lots of it even if it hurted now im sore.... Has anyone ever had this problem if so what was it? Should i go see a DR? Im 7-8 DPO...please need advice i also been having serious sex drive so does he cause i tease him, only my right side hurts rite now im gassy and nausea,