Feel so alone in this pregnancy

My partner and I have been together for 4 years. We recently bought our first home and found out I was pregnant shortly afterwards... it’s been a lot but we are both happy and looking forward to the baby.

We didn’t live together before and since I’ve moved in with him I’ve noticed how selfish he can be. But I’m working through it and want to give our family the best shot.

This morning he made me breakfast which I was thankful for. But he ate in the kitchen and said he wouldn’t eat with me in the bedroom. I said ok and after eating half

of it thought I would just to sit in the living room where i thought he was eating.. when I sat down he said quite rudly ‘I’m eating in here because I want to watch TV in peace’ I said to him you finish work at 2:30 everyday and have the whole afternoon and early evening until I get home at like at the earliest 6pm, usually later, he goes to bed at 8:30pm so we have max a couple hours together each day... usually he is watching tv then too.

He snapped back at me said ‘all I’m doing is watching fucking tv in here’ and I just lost it said it would be nice to get to talk to you for once and stormed off into the next room.

I’ve had enough. I have the best family support but he is useless emotionally. He’s awful with money and refused to save more then 75£ a month towards the baby. I’m saving 200. For the last few weeks I’ve felt I may be depressed and noticed it feels better when I’m at work and worse when I’m at home. Usually this is the opposite for me and work is my main stressor so the fact I’m taking refuge in work is Concerning to me.

Sorry for the rant but just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing this

I often feel like I just want to go back to my parents house and leave this sorry mess behind . What’s happened this morning isn’t even a big deal but it’s just a series of small things that have built up inside me