Took back my induction date. Advice??


So a month ago my doctor said that I would be induced on September 3rd due to cholestasis. I go in for my FINAL stress test yesterday and they say " sorry, just kidding. Standards have changed to be induced"

Are you kidding me?! 4 days before baby was going to be here, the day I started my maternity leave, this gets dropped on me. I've been told the whole time that after 37 weeks that this could be fatal to baby. Now? No big deal? This has been it's prolonged. Everyone had put in for vacation for these scheduled days. Our 7 year old has a count down in her head.

They redrew my levels and I'm supposed to call on Tuesday ( induction date) to figure out if I need to go or beyond frustrated and scared. If something happens to our baby, I'd never forgive them or myself.

Has anyone been here before? Do I get a second opinion?