My rough experience of L&D

I went to L&D on 8/24 at 1am because I was having full on contractions almost one after the other. (Had been having mild contractions most the day) We get to the hospital I registered at to find they no longer had an L&D department. Had to drive another 15 minutes ago their sister hospital and fill out all new paperwork before getting checked in. Once I'm in the room the check and I'm 1cm dilated and 50%effaced. I'm 38w and 6d so they cant augment me or give me an epidural. So we wait for a couple hours, contractions get stronger and even more frequent, they check still 1 cm.... got sent home. Went home bounced on my ball, walked, ate, tried sleeping (couldnt), layed down, tried cleaning a bit.... nothing distracted me from the pain. My OB was out of town so I couldn't call her for advice....... by midnight on 8/25 I was in so much pain and my body felt like it was pushing the baby out I had my husband rush me back to the hospital. The nurses that night got me in while he did paperwork. They helped me into the gown and into bed. They checked me out and I was only 2cm.... They called the on call doctor and she agreed that I could finally stay and get the epidural and pitocin. Got the epidural with no issues other than waiting an hour for her to finish a csection. Within 3 hours of the epidural and pitocin baby heartbeat started fluctuating. So they kept lowering the pitocin and finally turned it off. At 9am I was 5.5cm. At 10:20am I was 10cm. They ruptured my water and started making calls. Turns out my water was green. They called NICU. They had me push. Thankfully I only pushed an hour, but they gave me an episiotomy and didnt cut far enough and I tore clean down to my rectum. Baby boy was born at 11:14 on 8/25. NICU checked him and he seemed okay. Fed him and we were taken to postpartum. Once there they took my son away from me before I had the chance to nurse him again because he had super low body temperature. I was devastated. They kept him away for 4 hours trying to warm him. The entire time there they had to take him periodically to be placed under the lamp. He still has low body temperature but now that my milk is in he has thankfully put on some weight and is able to better warm his own body.