Is this normal or concerning...?

I started spotting 3 days ago for 2 days. First day was hardly anything, second day it picked up more and yesterday was like a regular period that started to get a little heavier throughout the day but nothing significant. This morning I woke up and could tell something wasnt right, I stand up with a regular tampon in and it feels like I'm about to have blood pour of of me. Run to the washroom and sit of the toilet quickly, before I even pull the tampon out there is a 4in or so clot in the toilet and lots of blood dripping..... ive never had this before being pregnant and I'm wondering if this is now normal or a concern. I was only asleep 7hrs with the tampon in 8 max. I've now switched to super and may even go up to super plus. All of this is 5 and a half weeks postpartum as well.