West Nile Virus Advice


It’s been confirmed that the mosquitos in our town are carrying the West Nile virus.

They have been horrible this year. They’ve been spraying to kill them at least once a week but they’re still everywhere! They also easily come into our house when we bring the dogs back inside.

My daughter’s pediatrician said word for word “I’d rather a baby come in contact with a little DEET than the West Nile virus.”

I don’t even like using bug sprays on myself, much less my 2 month old!! If I have to, I’ll spray some on my hand and wipe it on her. But I don’t want her getting it in her mouth or eyes! And what do I do about her face? I don’t want to put that stuff on her face.

Does anyone have any suggestions for all natural mosquito repellent that actually works? Or is using OFF my best bet?