Was this rude of my boyfriend's mom?

My boyfriend's mom coupons and sells bundles as a job since she's disabled and cant work otherwise... literally every single time I'm at her house she is either out couponing or she's putting bundles together at the house. My boyfriend and I always help her unload the car, put things where they go, and go get her stuff to put the bundles together.

Yesterday she told me that she didnt have anything against me but at her house, the curfew time is 11 so I need to be out by then (which is fine bc I have to anyway per my parents) but then she said "and when I'm doing things with bundles I dont want him having any company over because it just gets in the way."

I HELP THIS WOMAN EVERYTIME IM OVER!! I help her when my boyfriend is in the shower too so it's not like I sit around and get in the way whenever I'm over there. I thought I was helpful so I kinda felt like she was really rude by saying that because I'm the one walking up their stairs lugging bags of laundry detergent while she sits in the car...🙄🙄🙄

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