What an asshole 😖

So I’m 17 and my bf is 19. He’s away at his cottage and my best girl friends brother had a party I was going to. Well when I told him he got mad and said there’d be “older guys” and because I was going he refuses to talk to me. The party was last night and I went mainly just to hang with my best friend and I still haven’t heard from him. I’ve called, texted, snapped and have gotten nothing. (We’ve been together 2 years) and legit a few days ago he asked me if I was okay with him going to university homecoming parties with his friend and yet he’s mad about me doing this! Last night I rlly needed to talk to him cause a major car accident happened right outside the house while the party was going on and everyone was scared and I texted and told him and called him and he didn’t answer or pick up the phone. I feel hurt and don’t know what I should do. Help!? Did I actually do something wrong!?