Partner not helping.

Hey girls I’m actually really f***ing angry... my partner (I only see in weekends, we are looking for rentals) never wakes up to my kid... I have my kid 5 days a week on my own. So my child was sick this weekend and I was the one who woke up and he said he heard nothing but I saw him wake up and move... I’m sick with the same thing (with a cold) and I’m 34 weeks pregnant and stayed up all night with him while he just slept?? Didn’t help just made excuses. I’m scared that when we do move in together that I’ll just be waking with both the kids and him just sleeping and making these excuses... it’s frustrating... it seems like deja vu with my sons dad when he let me just cry after just having my baby. Also he doesn’t understand anything, doesn’t care he’s sick. He just makes me do everything and if I wanted him to do something I have to tell him to do it and him not do it himself !