3rd trimester pains

I’m 39 weeks. Been having Braxton Hicks all day long (uncomfortable but not painful) and sharp pain in my lower right abdomen (pretty painful). Also some rib pain in my right side here and there. If I sit or lay down the sharp pain in my right lower goes away but returns if I try to walk. It’s painful enough that I can only walk very slowly and carefully not too move too fast. No bleeding or other symptoms. Anyways, are these normal late pregnancy pains that I should suck up or something to go in for? I just had a dr appt yesterday and all was good and fine. Hospital is an hour away and it’s Saturday so I can’t call my ob office. I’m scheduled to go in for an induction tues night. I know you guys can’t say for sure but just looking for general opinions on if this lower right pain is considered normal