How do you stay motivated??

Hello, time for a little rant😒 I’m currently 9 weeks pp and I’m wanting to get back to my pre pregnancy weight and feel comfortable in my own skin again. ( yes I know I should be proud of my body for creating life) I am incredibly proud of my self and my body, but I still wanna feel good about myself.

The thing is I get unmotivated 😩 I just live with my husband who has said multiple times he’s wanting to get in shape as well but makes no effort to do so. We have talked about keeping each other motivated. I was really motivated for 2 weeks.. eating healthy meals watching how much I snack etc. My husband told me he hates the meals I’ve been making and wants something different. We got into a discussion about how I thought we were supposed to be eating healthy and staying motivated, he just shrugged his shoulders and walked away... sooo I’ve been buying non entirely all bad food because it’s what he will eat ( my husband is an extremely picky eater soo we eat like the same meals like every week and I’m dying 😭)

Anyways for those 2 weeks I tried working out as much as I could with our 2 month old. A lot of the times I find no time in my day to workout because I’m always tending to his needs. My husband works mon-Friday soo I’m home alone most of the time with the baby. My husband rarely helps out unless I’m cooking dinner or showering. Other than that it’s all my tending to our baby.. which then makes me unmotivated because I can’t find anytime during the day and I tell myself ”what’s the point of working out if I cant even get 15-20mins”.

I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve talked to my husband about wanting me time but my husband thinks I don’t spend my me time wisely when he can be playing his games. He just doesn’t understand😭😭

What are ways you stay motivated when no one else around you helps you stay motivated??