Feeling so tired and defeated today...how do I get my energy back?


Today started out fine and I even slept in but my 7 month old boys first nap was really short and he’s usually really good at just playing on the ground by himself with the toys and watching his older brother play etc but today he would start crying every little bit and I had to keep picking him up and trying different stuff to soothe him and then I’ve been potty training my 3yo and it’s not been that bad (this is like the 5th day) but today he ended up peeing in his underwear all 3 times that he peed and that last time the rest came out suddenly on the bathroom cabinet after he got up off the toilet (I told him to stay on the toilet). Also have to cook and also really just have been feeling like my energy is being sucked out by the end of the day for the pst few days. I’m tired and want to run away from everything...Sometimes it’s so great but today it’s not and I just want to give up...how do I get my usual energetic happy go lucky mood back? I don’t want to feel sad and defeated anymore. I WANT to get stuff done but I also want to give up for today. Hubby won’t be back until night and no family around. Another thing making it worse is I want lose weight I’m so tired of my self physically and I’m just feeling soooooo negative right now.