Daycare blues


My daughter will be starting daycare on tuesday. This will be the first time she will be outside of the house for extended time. She was born end of march and I went back to work (school teacher) early may. My husband was able to stay home with her for 7 weeks (he works tech and do do his job from home if needed). Then I was home for the summer starting in mid june.

She is going to be at daycare from about 8-4 and I am freaking out. The place is wonderful and the staff seem warm and friendly. My friend and my daughters aunt work their so I trust that it's a good place.

I am just terrified that my daughter is going to be crying all day because she is in an unfamiliar place with strange people. I picture he crying and looking for me or my husband and us not being there. It breaks my heart to think that she will be crying for us and we wont be there.

Her first day is also my first day of school (teacher life) so please send some love and positive vibes on Tuesday. I need all that I can get.