I’m so scarred!! ☹️😳 And i need some help with other stuff!

Jackie • 16 on here to get advice

I went on Omegle and me and my friend were, u know talking to strangers., and when she wasn’t looking someone came in the camera but on the chat it said “wanna rate my dick!!” And I was like,😳, and then he uncovered the camera and there he was jerking off!! So that happened 3 times and I’m 14 but is it bad that I never really saw a full one with the balls and everything and the come that was coming out!🤢 I And also why can’t I get horny I’ve had my period and stuff but Idk what turns me on. And yes I have tried masterbating an Idk how to tell if I cummed or not. I feel weird telling this but I need to know!