Anyone else not get along with their in-laws?

I respect them. But they don’t all the time. Everytime i go over i just feel out of place, and at party’s i just question why i even bother going. I litterly get ignored or pushed away. Ill try to sit near them and they just leave me hanging . My boyfriend wants to have my sons birthday party at there house and i just cant. Lets be real i dont feel like they like me whatsoever. I know they talk about me when im gone because they have told my boyfriend things. Last week it was “dont bring her here if she has makeup” like wtf. When i went on monday they mentioned why i was dressed as if i was going to the club. Mind you i was wearing a oversized v neck and some skinny jeans and sandals. Yes my boyfriend stands up for me but it still gets to me. They just act so fake toward me. Honestly i feel if i had met his parents before we got together we would have not lasted. We have been together for almost 5 years. 5 years i have been treated like shit . Im either underdressed or overdressed or whatever the deal is and im just fed up. I dress and do what i want but it really irritates me. It got worse after i had our son. I just came back from their house from a party and balled my eyes out on the way back. Im just so over feeling like this. I try being the best person i can but clearly it’ll just never be enough For some people.