Anyone else peeing themselves?!

Sonja • PCOS Mamma to: 👦🏼💙 Emmett 9/14/17 + 👧🏼💗 Leona 9/21/19 + TTC #3

Ok so I’ve never had this problem before. This is my second pregnancy. My first was a c-section. (Not even a vaginal delivery.) I feel like I’ve been slightly leaky this pregnancy... But now that I’m 36 weeks, I literally leak pee every time I stand up. The worst is when I’ve just gone pee, and I stand up from the toilet. No idea how that’s even possible, considering that fact that I DID just pee... like how is there still more to leak out?! UGH. Sick of having to wear a depends pad every day as a 25 year old woman... I feel like a 75 year old 😂😭

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