PARENTS - Is My Teenage Relationship Too ‘Full On’?

I just want to hear from a parent/adult’s point of view.

My mum hasn’t commented on my relationship, but I’m just wondering if you guys think this is okay?

I’m 18 and my boyfriend is 19, we’ve been dating 2 and a half years so I guess you could say we’re pretty infatuated with each other!

I’m totally in love with him, we get along swimmingly and overall just have a great time together.

From 11th-graduation, we saw each other mostly on weekends (naturally) because of school.

We graduated September last year, then he moved 3 hours away which meant we still saw each other only on weekends. Long distance was pretty shitty only because he stopped putting in effort coming up to see me, so I broke up with him all of April.

He moved back home to be with me, and since May things have been perfect. I’ve never felt more appreciated in our entire relationship - I feel special, beautiful and we go places together and make great memories.

But basically since May, we have stayed at each other’s houses EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. We pretty much do one night at his, one night at mine. Maybe once a week or every two weeks we have a night apart for various commitments we have.

We both have a job and I go to university on top of that, so we don’t spend ALL day together but nonetheless it’s majority of our time.

It hasn’t caused any issues for us, and we contribute to each other’s household by cleaning and cooking dinner and dessert but just wanted to hear some opinions.